Quality Chiropractic Treatments & Food Sensitivity Testing Services You Should Try

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A Competent and Reliable Chiropractor You Can Trust

Toledo Family Wellness is a chiropractic clinic that provides chiropractic adjustments, massage therapies, food tests, gut treatments, and solutions for back, hip, and other types of pains. If you are interested in why you should visit my clinic Toledo, OH and whether you should trust me, stay on this page and keep reading!


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Quality Chiropractic Treatments & Food Sensitivity Testing Services You Should Try

Have you been struggling with back pain for too long? Or maybe you want to improve your gut health? Perhaps you want to get rid of chronic shoulder and hip pain? If you are looking for a reputable chiropractic clinic in Toledo, OH, you are very welcome to visit mine and talk to a professional with over three decades of experience!

What I Can Offer You

I am Dr. Gary Smith and I would like to invite you to Toledo Family Wellness where you will be able to take advantage of the treatments that a skilled chiropractor can provide for you. I am a certified chiropractic neurologist that knows the ins and outs of the craft. I also offer food sensitivity testing, leaky gut syndrome treatments, massage therapies, and more. Read the rest on my Services page.



Taking Better Care of Yourself

Whether you have decided to try a professional chiropractic adjustment for your back or treatment that alleviates the negative impacts of a gut condition, you have made the first step towards well-being. When we are struggling with chronic pain, often we forget how it used to be when we were healthy and some of us tend to live with their condition, ignoring it for years. However, this is not the approach you should take because it’s way easier to feel better than you think and also because this may lead to worse consequences for your body.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Whether you want to try massage therapy or test your sensitivity towards certain foods, come to my wellness clinic in Toledo, OH and start solving your health problems one at a time. You will receive a consultation from a certified professional and you can schedule an appointment over the weekend for emergencies.

Why do we have pain?

Most pain generation comes from the following:

1.An injury-causing micro-tearing of tissues, then swelling the pain of muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone, nerves, or skin

2.Persisting pain for many months or years and treatment-resistant pain is sometimes due to a person’s metabolism. Things such as a person being too acidic or some infamous process such as asthma, cancer, the inflammatory disease, will produce chemicals that can inflame and activate pain neurons elsewhere in the body.

4.An irritated nerve. Sometimes it is due to compression by the spinal structures such as ligaments, discs, and spinal arthritic degeneration. Also, there can be nerve irritation due to very tight muscles along the nerve and adhesions in muscles of the neck and extremities compressing the nerve. Once the pain generators are identified, effective treatment needs to be started. Sometimes, effective treatment is icing or a hot water bag. Using ice is more effective if you apply it for 20 minutes until the area gets achy and eventually goes numb. Be sure to have a thin layer of cloth between the skin and ice bag to prevent frostbite.

The use of nutritional supplements can be as effective or more effective than drugs, but with good rather than bad side effects. Stretching is important. It improves range of motion, promotes less swelling and better mobility. I use the Active Release Technique. This is more effective than any stretching I have seen out there. In the 34 years of my practice, I have worked beside dozens of chiropractors and a few physical and massage therapists. Still, I have never seen anyone be more effective than what Active Release Technique provides. Also, I use the contract-relax technique, which neurologically resets the muscle tone closer to normal. Active release technique is a deep pressure with simultaneous area movement that loosens painful tissue and scars and reduces the pain of movement with use of muscles, joint, ligaments and tendons.

NASA did research on the neon-argon photon generator many years ago and found many health benefits from it. I also use a neon-argon photon generator, which puts energy into the area and accelerates healing as well as reduces swelling and pain. The combination of all these therapies gets excellent results.

If you are interested in my chiropractic treatments or food sensitivity testing service, call Toledo Family Wellness today and book your visit!

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Client’s Testimonial
Eternally grateful

I used to feel bloated and have a stomach ache after almost every meal, so I went for a food sensitivity testing in this clinic. Dr. Gary Smith was so nice and I shared with him all about my discomfort. The tests came back and it turned out it was gluten. I started an eliminating diet and I’ve been feeling better than ever.

Donna J.
Simply Amazing

I have been to multiple chiropractors. And Dr. Smith takes more time, more effort and simple more care into his patients needs. He always goes above and beyond, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a doctor who can really set them straight.

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