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The focus on spinal adjustments is one of the things that make chiropractors unique in their approach while treating patients with spinal complaints. The chiropractic adjustment is crucial when you have back pain due to stress or much more. A chiropractic clinic from Toledo Family Wellness can help you. I am based in Toledo, OH.

Natural agents such as cold, heat, water, massage, exercise, and light are some of the physiological measures that can often be utilized by experts. When controlled, such factors and much more exert a beneficial influence on body functions and can help numerous lower back pain problems.

Chiropractic Therapy, Beyond Adjustment

Heat and cold – experts may alternate ice and heat therapy to help patients treat back pain. Ice packs may be used to numb the lower back for ten to fifteen minutes and then switched to a heating pad, hot water bottle, or heat wrap to restore blood flow to the area and promote healing.

Exercise – chiropractors may offer patients instructions on how to stretch and strengthen their backs. Also, massaging the soft tissues to reduce swelling, inflammation, and improve blood circulation is excellent for encouraging quicker healing.

Dietary management – many chiropractors will provide patients with tips on how a diet can help them with their back pain and can also recommend nutritional supplements after professional manipulation.

Ultrasound – with sound waves creating deep heat therapy that is applied to the joints and soft tissues, ultrasound therapy can help reduce not only the stiffness, back pain, and spasms. It can also accelerate the healing process and increase blood flow. I use only high-quality products, equipment, and techniques to fully meet their specific needs in a timely and efficient manner. With that being said, there is no doubt that I can help with your back problems by providing you with chiropractic services. I am waiting for your phone call!

Are you looking for a reputable and dependable chiropractic clinic in Toledo, OH? Toledo Family Wellness is the one you should choose. Pick up the phone and contact me at (419) 210-3915 today!

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