• Can you tell me what services you provide?

    Of course, please read the following:

    • Massage Therapy
    • Food Sensitivity Testing
    • Leaky Gut Syndrome Treatment
    • Chiropractic Services
    • Shoulder & Hip Pain
  • Do I need to make an appointment?

    Yes, I would prefer you do, so I can spend the time necessary to help you with your problem, and I take them on a Saturday only.

  • What are the opening times of your chiropractic clinic?

    My clinic is sadly closed on Sundays, however, I am open from Monday through to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm, with the exception of Saturday when I close at 12 pm.

  • Will massage therapy resolve my neck and shoulder pain?

    That will greatly depend on what is causing it, most of the time the biggest factor for pain in the neck and shoulders is stress, however, I will first need to perform an examination before I give a diagnosis.

  • What exactly is chiropractic adjustment?

    This is a holistic, non-invasive therapeutic treatment that a trained medical practitioner uses their hands to apply a sudden but controlled thrust to a joint on the spinal column. This manipulation is performed to reduce joint pain, improve abnormal movement patterns, and increase the range of motion, in addition to reducing nerve irritation, and ultimately, a person’s overall physical function.

  • I would prefer not to pay in cash, can I pay you any other way?

    Of course, I take most major credit cards and checks.

  • How do I get a free estimate?

    I will not provide any free estimates over the phone, this is because I need to physically see you in order to ascertain what the problem is, as I do not want to misdiagnose you.

  • Do you work outside of the Toledo, OH area?

    No, I have my hands full here!

  • An adjustment often involves the following:

    • A high velocity, short lever arm force that is applied to a joint
    • Joint cavitation or an audible release of gases that includes the likes of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen. The pressure in the joint is reduced when these gases have been released.
    • A relieving sensation in most cases, however, some minor discomfort could be experienced if the surrounding muscles spasm or the patient tenses during treatment.
  • What can you offer me?

    I am a fully certified, licensed and insured chiropractic neurologist, and after 34 years of experience in this field I know the ins and outs of my craft, so do not be fooled by the date I established my business, which was in 2012, there is nothing I have not dealt with that I can’t fix.

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