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Toledo Family Wellness is a wellness center that focuses on helping people take good care of their health through a variety of effective methods. If you are interested in what you will find in my clinic in Toledo, OH, stay on this page and give it a read!


As a local reputable chiropractic neurologist and metabolism specialist, I am here to provide patients in the area with competency in alternative medicinal methods. Your back pain may stem from a sports injury, an accident, or poor posture that you fall victim to at work. Whatever the case may be, I will ensure that you get over the pain with the help of my chiropractic treatments.


At Toledo Family Wellness, you can also try massage therapy if you are suffering from any body pain, lack of sleep, or stiffness. It is the best alternative medicine to chronic muscle pain and fatigue. Leave your body in the hands of reliable and well-trained massage specialists and experience relaxation in its purest form.


My food sensitivity tests are focused on the most common food groups and how your body responds to them. Maybe in the past, you have felt some discomfort when eating certain foods and you want to see whether they are the reason for it. At my clinic, you can test yourself for over 10 major elements and minerals. Find out which foods are making you sick!


Gut health is super important and something we tend to ignore until a problem occurs. A leaky gut syndrome is a condition of the digestive system that affects the intestines and their lining. Gaps in the walls of the intestines allow bacteria and toxins to pass through and go into the bloodstream. Symptoms include chronic diarrhea, constipating, and/or bloating, fatigue, and difficulty in concentration. If you want to get yourself tested and treated, come to my clinic in Toledo, OH.


When you constantly complain about having pains in your shoulders or hips, maybe what you should do is try not to disregard those symptoms and come to me for help. As an experienced chiropractor, I know the techniques that will make you feel better.

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